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about security

Dear friends of Le Campement We are fully aware that security is one of your major concerns. We want to respond to this so that you can enjoy Le Campement with total peace of mind. Past events have led us to reconsider, adapt and reorganize our security system. We have[…]

Looking for development projects

Looking for development projects When building Le Campement, we had a dream: to create and produce everything on-site, whilst having a positive ecological and social footprint. From the original 20 people involved, there are more than 100 of us today, including 50 artisans. This development has happened slowly, without subsidies,[…]

Colonies de vacances

Du Lundi 29 février au samedi 05 mars 2016. Pour les enfants de 6 à 14 ans. Au programme : activités sportives et culturelles. Inscriptions ouvertes ! Ecrivez-nous pour recevoir la fiche d’inscription et le programme détaillé ! Tarifs : 130 000 FCFA/enfant et 100 000 FCFA/enfant supplémentaire