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Dear friends of Le Campement

We are fully aware that security is one of your major concerns. We want to respond to this so that you can enjoy Le Campement with total peace of mind.

Past events have led us to reconsider, adapt and reorganize our security system. We have consulted a number of experts that include private and state organizations in Mali and abroad, who have advised us on both passive and active security measures.

Le Campement extends over twenty hectares and first and foremost we are concentrating on active security because the human element is the most important factor.

  • We have increased and re-equipped our personnel. They now have equipment similar to that used by some task forces. Equipment and men on the ground are part of our overall strategy that is continually being developed.
  • All our security agents are experienced marksmen and are put into combat situations for training twice a week.
  • For the last 4 months we have been working with the Malian National Guard and the national gendarmerie who have provided us with a team of experienced and fully armed These soldiers have been briefed on our security policy and further strengthen our 24 hour security teams. To achieve an optimum level of security requires a careful coordination between our teams and these soldiers. To do this the strategic operation is constantly monitored by the head of security at Le Campement.

With regard to passive security, the enclosure wall has been raised and emergency exits are being put in place. A double gate system for cars and pedestrians has also been installed ….

For groups and companies, we offer a bespoke security service in addition to our standard security. Whether you are staying on the premises or just spending a day, your group can benefit from a personalized protection service. We will allocate special security soldiers to you that have been selected for their professionalism and discretion. Our security manager will define their role according to your needs.

It is important to remember that total security does not exist. There is always room for improvement and as with road safety we have to constantly work on making the system better. With this in mind, all your comments and suggestions will be seriously taken into account.

For obvious reasons we cannot give any further detail about our security strategy. For more information, please contact our Head of Security at Campement, Mr Olivier N’Tepp, on 76 40 30 37 or by email at contact@lecampement.com

All the team at Le Campement thanks you for your confidence.


Hervé Depardieu

Campement Founder

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